Long-term corrosive protection with whirl sintering

Our cooling towers are manufactured based on state-of-the-art technologies. Our core competence is the so-called whirl sintering, a process developed by us, in which a 0.3 mm thick thermoplastic performance polymer alloy is melted onto clean, degreased and pre-treated (by sandblasting) galvanised sheet steel in a powder whirl bed.

The galvanised sheet metal parts of our cooling towers are all whirl sintered, so preventing corrosion. Further advantages of whirl sintering are a reduction in risk of injury, improved sound insulation and reduced vibration. Whirl sintered cooling towers are especially resistant and durable - regardless of where they are in use.

The Institute for Corrosion Protection Dresden GmbH confirms the corrosion-free properties of the Gohl whirl sintering process.

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