Gohl Movie

Gohl has been a European market leader for more than half a century in the field of serial manufacture of cooling towers. Innovative technological know-how, premium quality and state-of-the-art manufacturing processe.


We pursue new avenues of design, based on our experience from delivering 60,000 cooling tower cells to customers in 35 countries.

  • Dry cooler with adiabatic pre-cooling – A revolution in cooling technology: does not require water conditioning, produces no aerosols, and has a very high switchover point.
  • EC ventilators – The latest technology: energy savings of up to 30%, very quiet, straightforward regulation when used as axial and radial fans.
  • DTC ecoTec - Innovative design: Flawless integration of components and optimized air distribution maximize efficiency of the system. Straightforward accessibility and a reduced number of components keep service expenses low.



We repeatedly subject our services to testing and confirmation by qualified independent institutes.

  • The CTI + Eurovent certified cooling tower series DTC ecoTec delivers guaranteed performance values.
  • Hygienic designs, documentation, and materials tested for cooling tower series DT, VK and TOPAZ according to VDI 2047/2 by the “Hygiene Institut des Ruhrgebiets”.
  • Gohl's whirl-sintering coating process complies with highest corrosion category C-5M, as confirmed by “Institut für Korrosionsschutz” Dresden GmbH.


Areas of competency

Expertise in innovative cooling solutions. Our team consists of skilled installers, qualified engineers, and experienced technicians.

  • Research and development with a technical testing laboratory
  • Planning and configuration with a proprietary product configurator
  • Web-based efficiency calculator based on VDMA uniformity sheet 24659
  • Regionally located sales employees who support planning of new cooling tower projects and after-sales service
  • After-sales service: spare parts, assembly, service, maintenance, and refurbishment


Product line

A comprehensive product range, modular construction, and an extensive range of accessories ensure that you will always receive just the right solution for your application.

  • Industrial cooling
  • Cooling for climate control
  • Designed for heavy duty use
  • For stringent hygienic requirements
  • Indoor and outdoor installation
  • Radial or axial ventilator
  • Cooling towers with open and closed circuits
  • Hybrid coolers
  • Dry cooler with adiabatic pre-cooling