Cooling Tower DTC ecoTec

  • Eurovent / CTI certified
  • 30% energy saving
  • very low sound level
  • sustainably low operating costs
  • maintenance-free EC fans
  • spacious access for maintenance and care, walk-in system
  • best hygiene conditions in accordance with VDI 2047 sheet 2

We have fundamentally redesigned the cooling tower as a complete system and perfected the interplay of the individual components.

The result: Maximal energy efficiency with low current consumption and high system efficiency. Optimised cooling capacity and an aerodynamically integrated fan system with low air speeds ensure 30% energy saving. The use of new water distribution systems with a low water pressure has the effect that fewer clouds of vapour are formed. Through the slope of the bottom tray, the water can flow away quickly and in a controlled manner. Micro-organisms can multiply less owing to the lack of a nutrient medium. The design makes servicing and care simpler and guarantees the thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the wet system and the fan. The uncomplicated access through the maintenance hatch and passageway, as well as the maintenance-free fans reduce expenditure considerably